Friends Grant Gets The Mindful Care Resource Cart Rolling

Each year thousands of children and their families experience an inpatient stay at American Family Children’s Hospital for a variety of medical concerns.  Many of the children have chronic and/or life limiting condition and often children are in and out of the hospital frequently, separating them from siblings, friends and family members.  Although the treatment and care they receive is excellent, the psychological impact of an inpatient stay can cause stress and emotional challenges for children and their families.  The Mindful Care Resource Cart is designed to offer patients and family members support that help reduce stress and increase coping through mindfulness-based resources. This cart helps sick kids and their families divert attention by offering books, busy activities, tools to teach new techniques for breathing and just provides them with great and thoughtful distractions. Friends money got the Mindful Care Resource Cart put together and now the restocking funds have been included in their budget for the future.