Friends Grant Makes Safe Sleep for Homeless Infants Possible

Homeless infants are susceptible to many adverse health conditions and more likely to not receive proper health care and access to safe sleep environments. Recently Healthy Dane identified Infant Mortality as a top community health priority. A Friends of UW Health grant made it possible for the Child Health Advocacy Center, part of the American Family Children’s Hospital, to provide training and a Safe Sleep Toolkit which includes sleep sacks, educational materials, and pack n’ play/bassinets to area shelters.

Keeping sleeping environments free of pillows, blankets and toys, and giving the babies their own sleep environment is difficult in a shelter situation. Blankets for sleeping infants are common in the shelters. The solution? SleepSacks, which are blankets that infants wear. Providing distinct sleeping environments was another challenge at the family shelters, with few cribs available. Pack ‘n’ Plays, which are stand alone, portable bassinets, are delivered to the shelters. Any mother in the family shelter who wants a Pack ‘N’ Play can have one, and they can keep them when they leave the shelter.

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