Friends of UW Health 2020 Grants

Learn about some of the grants funded in 2020.

You Make Patients and Families’ Lives Better One Grant at a Time

As a member of Friends of UW Health, you help fund programs and services that directly benefit our patients and families but are not covered by insurance.  Friends provided $140,000 in support this year. Friends was once again able to open its grant application to outside organizations who’s work directly impacts UW Health’s patients.

Examples of programs and projects within UW Health supported by a grant from Friends:

  • Patient and Family Housing Fund. Provides hotel rooms for patients and families who lack financial resources.
  • Patient Assistance Fund: assisting the most under-served and under-insured patients with housing insecurity, food insecurity, medication, transportation and basic household needs such as cribs.
  • Virtual Reality headsets for distraction to reduce pain and anxiety and decrease the use of opiods in  ICU patients.
  • Weekly pill planners are offered free of charge to patients with medication adherence problems.
  • Blood Pressure cuffs for low income Kidney Clinic and Heart and Vascular Clinic patients.
  • Fidget blankets for elderly patients to keep hands and minds busy, helping distract patients from picking at necessary IV lines, tubing and dressings.
  • American Family Children’s Hospital Memorial Ceremony
  • Palliative Care Comfort and Healing Toolbox for the outpatient palliative care clinic.  This includes a variety of supplies for distraction, legacy building to support and aid families in their grief and bereavement process through healthy coping practices.
  • Nutritional supplements for Head and Neck Cancer patients who can become malnourished and hospitalized.
  • Toby Tracheopuppet which is used to educate children and their familes about tracheostomy and the speaking value, this valve enables the children to speak.
  • Critical Access Food Pantry, food insecure or malnurused patients are offered a bridge supply of food for the first 3-5 days after discharge.
  • Bucket Chair for Trauma Life Support Center, this chair enables patients the ability to sit in a chair, as opposed to laying in bed, while reducing the risk of falling.

Some examples of external organizations and projects supported by a grant from Friends and benefiting UW Health patients and families include:

  • CenteringPregnancy Expansion: combines health assessment, interactive learning and community building to help support positive health behaviors and drive better health outcomes.
  • RSVP of Dane County, Inc.: RSVP Driver Services/Vets Helping Vets which will recruit more drivers to help with senior transportation through the county.
  • Meadowood Health Partnership: provides wrap around programming for families which include providing diapers and clothing and offers medication reviews once a month.

Friends accepts grant proposals on October 1 of each year. Funding criteria can be found at

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