Friends of UW Health 2021 Grants

Learn about the grants funded in 2021.

You Make Patients and Families’ Lives Better One Grant at a Time

As a member of Friends of UW Health, you help fund programs and services that directly benefit our patients and families but are not covered by insurance.  Like everything else, COVID has had an impact on our fundraising, but Friends was still able to provide $150,000 in support this year!

Examples of programs and projects within UW Health supported by a grant from Friends:

  • Patient and Family Housing Fund. Provides hotel rooms for patients and families who lack financial resources.
  • Patient Assistance Fund: This fund has had a rapid growth in funds used in just 5 short years. In 2016 only $20,449 was spent to support patients and last year $146,821 was spent! These funds assist the most under-served and under-insured patients with housing insecurity, food insecurity, medication, transportation and basic household needs such as cribs.
  • Critical Access Food Pantry, food insecure or malnourished patients are offered a bridge supply of food for the first 3-5 days after discharge.

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