Friends of UW Health is a non-profit organization that funds programs and services to improve the lives of the patients and families we serve and support special health-related needs in the Dane County area.

Lighting the Way with Pink Celebration Ceremony


To celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October, we are lighting our entrance with pink. Everyone knows someone who has been affected by breast cancer, someone who has given them motivation to live life to the fullest, spread light, and wear pink. Reserve a pink light to celebrate that person in your life who represents […]

Friends of UW Health 2017 Grants


You Make Patients and Families’ Lives Better One Grant at a Time As a member of Friends of UW Health, you help fund programs and services that directly benefit our patients and families but are not covered by insurance.¬† Friends provided almost $250,000 in support last year. And for the first time, Friends opened its […]

Friends Grant Gives Our Loved Ones a Voice


A burden carried by critically ill, intubated patients, is the inability to communicate with health care providers and family members. ¬†Although writing with a clipboard and pen is often attempted, many are not able to due to weakness, sedatives or neurologic deficits associated with illness. Traditional communication tools used in ICUs consist almost solely of […]