Friends of UW Health is a non-profit organization led by dedicated volunteers that funds programs and services to improve the lives of UW Health patients and families. Friends was formed in 1973 to provide resources and support programs to improve the lives of patients and their families. Since then, more than $7 million has been raised, making a difference for many individuals and families.

Contact Us
Friends of UW Health
301 S. Westfield Rd., Suite 250
Madison, WI  53717
(608) 890-9957

Board of Directors
Tara Swalve, President
Sarah Salzwedel, President Emeritis
Kathy Trace, Secretary
Lena Kelly, Co-Treasurer
Carrie Noonan , Co-Treasurer
Susan Kalin, Historian
Rachel Jacobson, Member at Large
Heather Pellino, Member at Large

Kristi Austin
Mary Baliker
Kim Bentz
Beth Blum, Ex-Officio
Debbie Cray
Rahel Desalegne
Kira Dott
June Franklin
Chris Giroux
Sarah Grimes
Meggen Heuss, Ex-Officio
Liz Hill, Ex-Officio
Lynn Jaeger
Valerie Kazamias
Kathe Kuna
Jill Mack
Amy Matsumura
Michelle Oster
Heather Pellino
Helen Price
Julie Sadowsky
Amy Steffen