Grant Criteria

Mission Statement: Friends of UW Health is a not-for-profit organization committed to supporting patient and family-centered care at University of Wisconsin Health. Through its grant program Friends provides funding to UW Health programs and services as well as Community Impact Grants that embrace and fulfill this mission.

UW Health Funding Guidelines

  1. Friends’ funds are primarily used to provide startup money for new projects or programs.
  2. Friends typically funds projects that are not generally financed through operating budgets.
  3. Programs that Friends has supported annually will be reviewed upon request for funding and will not be “rubber stamped.”
  4. Friends typically does not administer or physically maintain projects or programs.
  5. A request that more properly fits another funding area, such as the Derzon Fund, will be suggested to the requestor.
  6. Funding is typically not granted for the following:
    • Staff salaries and benefits
    • Consultant fees
    • Standard departmental equipment (capital)
    • Research projects
    • Video productions
    • Furniture, televisions, aquariums, carpeting, murals, room décor, and other aesthetic goods.
  7. Funds are provided during the fiscal year of the grant award and should be spent within six months of receipt. If funds haven’t been spent within six months, Friends may request a follow up report from the recipient.
  8. Friends encourages progress reports from grant recipients. Recipients may be requested to provide a progress report after six months of receipt of funds.

Community Impact Grants
Friends Community Impact Grants support UW Health partner organizations that provide community outreach and focus on patient and family-centered care. Community Impact Grants are provided for eligible organizations that can demonstrate that their programs will support UW Health patients. A UW Health patient is defined as an individual who is under the care of a UW Health provider.

Ideal candidates offer programs and services that directly benefit UW Health patients and families.

Addition to grant application

If a grant requestor received funding from Friends in the past, a progress report on the initial grant is required.

 Grants Timeline:

  • Application period opens mid-summer
  • Applications are due October 1
  • Friend of UW Health Board approval at December board meeting
  • Review approved funds with UW Health leadership in late December (standing meeting)
  • Allocate funds in January
  • Funds must be spent by June 1