Friends Grant Supplies Comfort Through Clothing for Emergency Room Patients

Few people expect to visit a hospital’s emergency room.

When a sudden illness or injury occurs, most patients go to an emergency room with just the “clothes on their backs.”  Often clothing cannot be salvaged when it is possibly cut off in the course of treatment. Having quick access to a second set of clothing can easily become an issue as patients may be a long distance from their home, possibly estranged from family or simply alone.

To address these concerns, the University Hospital created and maintains a clothing closet of basic clothing for hospitalized adult patients.  The closet holds underwear, socks, t-shirts, pants and sweatshirts in varying sizes for both adult men and women.  A need exists for additional mens’ clothing, as male patients tend to have a limited support system.

Friends of UW Health provides grant money for a wide range of clothing in men’s and women’s sizes to be purchased to help patients as they are discharged.  The simple act providing a patient with clothing to return to their local community adds to patients’ self-esteem and supports their ability to regain their health.

How can you help?

As you are cleaning out your own closets this spring, consider donating gently used basic clothing such as t-shirts, pants and sweatshirts.  All donated items must be washed and in good condition, preferably folded to facilitate immediate stocking and distribution.  Bring donations to University Hospital Information Desk (Attention:  Case Management – Inpatient)

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